Minerva Coffee Shop, Tirupati – review

Before embarking on the pilgrimage to Tirupati, I had read reviews about the various vegetarian restaurants which abound this holy town. And later, I had a chance to taste some of the sumptuous breakfast dishes. Minerva Coffee Shop was on my list.
Located at strategically on Renigunta road , it is easy to spot the large billboard with its name. Moreover, it has easily navigable parking space right in front of the restaurant.

Minerva Coffee ShopAs you enter this restaurant, you are greeted warmly by the doorkeeper and ushered inside. The ambiance inside the restaurant is cool and pleasing, with smartly dressed waiter and waitresses greeting you warmly. We were ushered towards the neat seating area wherein our requests were cordially received.

Idlis and vada were served with a variety of chutneys along with sambhar. The best part was that they served extra helpings too, well in advance.Minerva Coffee Shop

Upma comes with varied chutney accompaniments and literally melts in the mouth.Minerva coffee shop

The coffee was one of the best I have had in my lifetime! Perfectly brewed, with just adequate quantity of sugar and milk.

Minerva coffee shop

Ah! A refreshing cuppa….

Overall we were very happy with the experience we had at this café. It had lodging facilities too and the café is a part of the main hotel.

My rating for this restaurant is as follows:
Ambience: 5/5
Hospitality: 5/5
Taste of food: 5/5
Price: High (from the rating scale: Low, Medium, High, Very high)

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