Category: Rice dishes

Hmm! Pulihora!Why tamarind rice (andhra style pulihora) is good for you? As you read through, the secret will be revealed.Nostalgic memories waft past, as soon as I witness the sight and aroma of this tangy traditional South Indian Andhra dish, pulihora .....[Read More]
    The word, ‘pulao’ ushers vivid and warm memories of my college days, when we used to stay in the hostel during our graduate days. Coincidentally, my younger sister, Pari and I were studying in the same pharmacy college and had .....[Read More]
    Ah! My favourite - are the one pot meals, which require less time to prepare and are hassle free! Some of these are the delicious rice preparations like lemon rice, tamarind rice, mango rice, jeera rice, tomato rice and coconut rice. .....[Read More]
Every time I make this wonderful dish, nostalgic memories rush back from my teenage days. My mother would lovingly make coriander pulao for us, especially on Sundays. We would rush to relish this dish, as soon as it was cooked! We were in love with this .....[Read More]