10 ‘Must Taste’ Desserts of India

Here comes another ‘yummy’ guest blog post by Rohit Agarwal about some of the popular and tempting desserts in India.  He has earlier contributed a wonderful guest post, about 10 Delightful South Indian food restaurants. Rohit, loves to travel and try new cuisines. He is also an avid travel blogger. You can find his accounts on TransIndiaTravels.com.

10 Must Taste Desserts of India

India is usually affiliated to spicy food. It is well known even for the sweet dishes as much as the curry. Each region of India has some exclusive sweet dish recipes that have been inherited from the forefathers. Some of the sweet dishes are served during the course of the meal, or as a snack while a few are served at the end of the meal as a dessert.

These are a few of the must taste desserts of India.

 1. Kheer


The ever gentle ‘kheer’

Kheer in North India and pal payasam in South India is a milk based dessert made with rice, sugar and milk. Rice is simmered in milk till it thickens and sugar is added to sweeten it. You can garnish it with nuts, cardamom or saffron for an added flavour. Serve this dessert hot or cold depending on the occasion.

2. Gulab Jamun


The most popular sweet dish and my favorite too!

The classic sweet dish Gulab Jamun is made from milk, flour and sugar. The milk is condensed or milk powder is used and mixed with flour to make a dough. The balls of this dough are fried in ghee and added to the sugar syrup flavored with cardamom and rose water. It is best served hot after sumptuous meal.

3. Pongal


The ‘festival’ sweet dish!

This is a speciality of Tamil Nadu but a similar variety is made in north India as Meethe Chawal. Rice, sugar or jaggery are cooked together and flavoured with milk, ghee, nuts, raisins and so on. Usually this dish is made as an offering for a puja at home or in a temple. Serve it hot for the best taste.

4. Puran Poli


The sweet and stuffed flat bread.

Puran poli a traditional dish of India is known by different names like Bobbatlu, Obbattu or Poli. Wheat flour dough is rolled and stuffed with a ball of sugar/jaggery and cooked dal mixture and then again rolled and cooked like a chapatti on a heated pan and garnished with ghee. Eaten hot or cold its taste will linger for a long time.

5. Gajar Ka Halwa


The orange delight!

Grate carrot or gajar cook it in milk, add sugar and when done flavor with ghee, nuts, saffron or cardamom. Your Gajar Ka Halwa is ready. This is a common dish in north India. Serve hot or chilled as a dessert after a grand ceremony or a small function or event at home. Relished with fervor, hardly anyone will stop with one helping.

6. Ras Gulla


The delicacy from West Bengal.

Predominantly a sweet dish of West Bengal and Odisha it is now available and savoured in most parts of India. Dumplings of chenna or coagulated milk balls are cooked in hot sugar syrup. When done flavoured with saffron, rose water or cardamom, it tastes great. This is a must have dessert in East India after a grand dinner or banquet.

7. Boondi Laddu


The ‘celebration’ dumplings

Boondi Laddu is a much-liked sweet dish and is prepared in many parts of India and served as a dessert or an offering to god in temples and homes. Balls of besan batter are made by pouring it over a sieve in hot ghee. These are then added to sugar syrup and rolled into laddu. These make for tasty dessert for any occasion.

8. Sheera


The ‘simple’ sweet treat.

A simple and easy to make sweet dish known as Sheera, Kesari or Sooji Ka Halwa in different parts of India is made with semolina, ghee, milk and sugar. Garnished with saffron, nuts and cardamom it can be served hot or cold as a dessert for any kind of event big or small.

9. Faluda


The ‘popular’ sweet drink

A chilled beverage served as a dessert mostly in North India it is made using, sweet basil seeds, milk, faluda sev or noodles and flavoured with mango, rose and so on and garnished with a scoop of Kulfi Or Ice-cream and nuts. Usually served in summer as a dessert in many homes or parties or events.

10. Kulfi


The treat from the ‘North’

A frozen dessert made from milk, sugar, corn flour, and nuts and then flavoured with cardamom, saffron, vanilla, rose, mango and so on. Milk is heated and thickened and then the flour, sugar, flavors and toppings are added to it. Pour this into molds and freeze it. Serve this Kulfi or Indian ice-cream after any meal.

The method of making of many of them has not much changed even today. A few of them may have been modified and got a new avatar too. The effect of globalization has not spared the Indian sweet dish recipes and you have some fusion sweets too. Taste them and have a great time!

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