Many years back, my sister in-law, Lakshmi had given me some recipes for a variety of cakes. She took special care to make copies of these recipes and ensured that she gave it to me before I embarked on the train from Hyderabad to Goa. I treasured .....[Read More]
Before embarking on the pilgrimage to Tirupati, I had read reviews about the various vegetarian restaurants which abound this holy town. And later, I had a chance to taste some of the sumptuous breakfast dishes. Minerva Coffee Shop was on my list. Located .....[Read More]
When I approached Tanya to write a guest post for my blog, she immediately and graciously agreed to do so. I am glad to share her recipe for Delicious Cinnamon rolls from scratch. I always wanted to make cinnamon rolls as cinnamon is one of my favorite .....[Read More]
During my childhood days, I remember, my mother used to make a lot of varied chutneys. But we never took a liking for these, except for the dear coconut chutney. As an adult, now, I have started appreciating her dishes, moreover her varied and tangy chutneys. .....[Read More]
My very first memory of my mother in law’s cooking, was that of carrot chutney. Since then onwards, I have become a huge fan of this dish and so has the intensity of bonding with my mother-in-law. At first, I was surprised to know that this tangy .....[Read More]
Once, every month, my mother prepares, ginger chutney, especially for lunch. And it is always consumed within a few minutes, during our meal. Varieties of ginger chutney: Till date, I have come across three types of homemade ginger chutneys. The allam .....[Read More]
Here comes another 'yummy' guest blog post by Rohit Agarwal about some of the popular and tempting desserts in India.  He has earlier contributed a wonderful guest post, about 10 Delightful South Indian food restaurants. Rohit, loves to travel and .....[Read More]