Another, wonderful and practical 'guest post' written by a dear college mate and my sister’s friend, Anusuya  Kashi.  Anusuya, is a professor, interested in learning and a blogger. She is a youth counselor and a prolific  freelance writer. And has .....[Read More]
Though I had started a food blog, a year back, I always wanted to connect with other food bloggers and be associated with a group which shared a common interest in food like me. Finally, I came across such a group via Plattershare. Immediately, I could .....[Read More]
Thanks to my wonderful colleagues and friends in Israel, I have wonderful memories of my first visit to Tel Aviv. It was here I was introduced to the wonderful food duo in the form of hummus and pita bread. I was warmly welcomed by my dear friend and .....[Read More]
Cajoling with ragi: As a child, my mother tried to feed us the 'healthy cereal -ragi’. As millets are highly nutritious. She made us ragi porridge, in the summers to beat the heat, by boiling ragi powder in some water, cooling it, then adding buttermilk .....[Read More]
Every day, except on Sundays, my mother in law keenly watches the Telugu cookery show ‘Abhiruchi’ on ETV. Of late, I too am hooked to this show, though I can watch it only on Saturdays. Nevertheless, the various recipes demonstrated and cooked by .....[Read More]