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Wish you all A Very Happy Valentine ’s Day! Let us celebrate this day of love, joy and happiness! Here are some ‘Valentine’ dishes to inspire you. Hope you find inspiration among this array of dishes, to cook for your Valentine! Here are .....[Read More]
Various ingredients add to a blissful life!There is a common saying that ‘Marriages are made in heaven’. Leading a heavenly life after marriage is in the hands of the married couple. I came across this ‘secret’ recipe for ‘Blissful Marriage’ .....[Read More]
Today, August 19, is being celebrated as World Photo day - celebrating 177 years of photography.Thanks to the invention of photography, we can capture some of the best moments in our lives! I wonder what would life have been without photos - memories .....[Read More]
Friday Musings # 5Being a South Indian, I grew up eating rice for lunch and dinner. It is my favorite meal and I just cannot imagine life without rice! Here are some quick and queer facts about rice – the staple food of India (or rather South India) .....[Read More]
I came across this information about pineapple and was amused to know its significance. All this while, I thought it was a sweet fruit which is difficult to peel and cut. Pineapple is known as: Ananas (in Hindi, Bengali and Konkani), Bahunetraphalam .....[Read More]
Ice cream cones – these remind me of my childhood days, especially summer holidays, when we used to rush to the ice cream wala who used to come with his cart, to buy the delicious ice cream cones! And used to love licking the dollops of varied colored .....[Read More]
I came across a beautiful poem written about food in an old food magazine, ‘the food magazine’ which I had picked up from my local library. I was surprised to know that food magazines in India, did exist during the 90’s too! And thought of sharing .....[Read More]
Did you know that Frisbees started as pie plates? The Frisbie Pie Company, founded in 1871 was known as much for its pie tins as for the tasty pastries they carried. The game of tossing empty Frisbie tins through the air quickly spread from schoolyards .....[Read More]