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Another, wonderful and practical 'guest post' written by a dear college mate and my sister’s friend, Anusuya  Kashi.  Anusuya, is a professor, interested in learning and a blogger. She is a youth counselor and a prolific  freelance writer. And has .....[Read More]
Thanks to my wonderful colleagues and friends in Israel, I have wonderful memories of my first visit to Tel Aviv. It was here I was introduced to the wonderful food duo in the form of hummus and pita bread. I was warmly welcomed by my dear friend and .....[Read More]
When I approached Sujata Shukla who is a talented food blogger to write a guest post, she promptly agreed to it. She blogs at PepperOnPizza and has posted a range of ‘healthy’ recipes on her blog including traditional recipes. What interested me what .....[Read More]
Ugadi festival : This festival is celebrated with lot of fervor in many states of India. It is being celebrated today, March 28 in states like Maharashtra and Goa. However in South India, it will be celebrated tomorrow, March 29. It marks the traditional .....[Read More]
 Sankranti festivities: “Unity in diversity”… aptly describes the diversity of religious beliefs and the cultural traditions of the different states of India. Sankranti or Pongal is one of the most colorful and popular festivals celebrated in .....[Read More]
  The authentic idlySome of the contents of the kit. The traditional way the idly is cooked by temple priests.Every year I receive gifts for Diwali. However this year I decided to gift myself for Diwali. And for sure, my choice was right. This gift .....[Read More]
When we were teenagers, my kid brother was in primary school. Being the youngest in our family, we all pampered him a lot (and still continue to dote on him) For mothers, usually in most cases, the food they cook is an extension of their love for their .....[Read More]
Today I am glad to share a guest post by Darshana Shah, a budding food blogger. She blogs at She has shared some wonderful, tasty dishes with a bent of innovativeness on her blog. And readily accepted to write a guest .....[Read More]