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When I approached Sujata Shukla who is a talented food blogger to write a guest post, she promptly agreed to it. She blogs at PepperOnPizza and has posted a range of ‘healthy’ recipes on her blog including traditional recipes. What interested me what .....[Read More]
Ugadi festival : This festival is celebrated with lot of fervor in many states of India. It is being celebrated today, March 28 in states like Maharashtra and Goa. However in South India, it will be celebrated tomorrow, March 29. It marks the traditional .....[Read More]
 Sankranti festivities: “Unity in diversity”… aptly describes the diversity of religious beliefs and the cultural traditions of the different states of India. Sankranti or Pongal is one of the most colorful and popular festivals celebrated in .....[Read More]
Hmm! Pulihora!Why tamarind rice (andhra style pulihora) is good for you? As you read through, the secret will be revealed.Nostalgic memories waft past, as soon as I witness the sight and aroma of this tangy traditional South Indian Andhra dish, pulihora .....[Read More]
Every time I make this wonderful dish, nostalgic memories rush back from my teenage days. My mother would lovingly make coriander pulao for us, especially on Sundays. We would rush to relish this dish, as soon as it was cooked! We were in love with this .....[Read More]
The diverse food delicacies of the various states in India are listed in the attached image. I do not know the source of this beautifully presented data, but would like to share this with all of you. This is a ready reference to the tasty delicacies, .....[Read More]