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Many of the like minded foodies, at my workplace were inspired and motivated to participate in a ‘Food Olympiad’ . Thus, enthused, I decided to host such an event, The Food Olympiad last year in December 2016. How did we go about? The participants .....[Read More]
During my childhood days, I do not remember consuming snacks bought from the store. My mother used to always make ‘munchies’ at home and store these for us, specially 'poha chewda'. I remember vividly, every week, Amma prepared one type of .....[Read More]
We celebrated a wonderful Diwali over the weekend with family, prayers, good food, cheer and by lighting lots of 'diya's (lamps) ! On the day of Diwali, every Hindu household in Goa, celebrates Diwali by making dishes of ‘fov’ (poha, flattended .....[Read More]
    When trying a new recipe, do you fear? Fear not, for cooking new recipes is all about exploration, discovery, imagination, innovation and fun! Last Saturday (living up to the tradition of trying new recipes every weekend) I started .....[Read More]
  Sri Joydip has explained the essence of Navaratri is a lucid manner as:   ‘According to legend, Goddess Durga, sat on the tip of a needle for nine days, doing severe penance to destroy the evil Mahishasura. On the first three days, .....[Read More]
    Some time back, my dear friend and colleague, Parul Raja, shared the recipe for chesse corn balls. Since then, I wanted to try it out, but was waiting for the right time to make these. I had even bought corn more than a week back. .....[Read More]