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This week, my daughter is being taught about seeds and germination in Science subject at her school. When I looked up for the meaning of seed, a seed is described as follows: ‘the unit of reproduction of a flowering plant, capable of developing .....[Read More]
These words touched my heart! How very true! For me cooking is devotional art! Yes, cooking does involve 'work'...hard work! Many a times this hard work and efforts put in by the cook ( may be a commercial cook, a mother, father, sister, brother or relatives) .....[Read More]
Ah! Tomatoes, tangy and fresh! How I adore these indispensable vegetables or rather fruits! These fruits are used in raw form in various salads, in cooked form to make sauces and in various dishes and sun dried form as toppings. Being a South .....[Read More]
Today, I came across this saying and it got me thinking. Indeed, a recipes does not have a soul. We need to put our wholesome concentration in making the dish - it may be a simple roti, curry or chutney, what matters is how well you enjoy the process .....[Read More]
Of late, I have been very much inspired by the concept of - Mindful eating. I remember sometime back, my younger sister, Parimala, explained this concept to me. I dismissed it, saying we need to enjoy eating (a lot!), anywhere, anytime and anyhow – .....[Read More]