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 Sankranti festivities: “Unity in diversity”… aptly describes the diversity of religious beliefs and the cultural traditions of the different states of India. Sankranti or Pongal is one of the most colorful and popular festivals celebrated in .....[Read More]
Hmm! Pulihora!Why tamarind rice (andhra style pulihora) is good for you? As you read through, the secret will be revealed.Nostalgic memories waft past, as soon as I witness the sight and aroma of this tangy traditional South Indian Andhra dish, pulihora .....[Read More]
We celebrated a wonderful Diwali over the weekend with family, prayers, good food, cheer and by lighting lots of 'diya's (lamps) ! On the day of Diwali, every Hindu household in Goa, celebrates Diwali by making dishes of ‘fov’ (poha, flattended .....[Read More]
Day 10 - Pink day: Bottle gourd (dudhi) halwa It is wonderful to prepare ‘theme based’ dishes. It challenges one’s creativity and taps your hidden potential. So this Navratri, I tried to cook up and photograph dishes, based on the theme of ‘Navratri .....[Read More]
   Holidays are times when I lose myself in one of my favorite passions – cooking. Moreover I am on the lookout for some sweet and soft dishes which my inlaws can savor without having to chew much of it.             So .....[Read More]
  Thandai - the energising drink on Holi day! Thandai is a refreshing cold drink prepared with a mixture of fennel seeds, almonds, rose petals, pepper, pumpkin seeds, cardamom, saffron, sugar and milk. Indeed a varied and exotic combination! .....[Read More]