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    Last weekend, I had planned to make chocolate brownies. This was my first attempt to make these baked treats. Initially, I wanted to use brown sugar to make these goodies. But when I received my parcel of coconut sugar, Lyva – organic .....[Read More]
Yummy cupcakes!When I approached Arti to write a guest post on my blog, she immediately accepted my request and shared her recipe for yummy chocolate cupcakes. Arti blog at 'Easychildrenrecipes (link below) and has posted many kid friendly recipes on .....[Read More]
    All this while I have been making either tangy dishes or spicy curries. And it was time to make some ‘soothing’ dishes for the soul! When I came across this simple recipe for ‘Bread and Butter’ pudding, in the cookbook, .....[Read More]
    As we grew and started appreciating various tastes and dishes, my mother introduced us to this power food called dalia in the form of upma. My husband does not prefer dalia upma (sad and bad!) so in order to incorporate this wonderful .....[Read More]
   Holidays are times when I lose myself in one of my favorite passions – cooking. Moreover I am on the lookout for some sweet and soft dishes which my inlaws can savor without having to chew much of it.             So .....[Read More]
Yesterday afternoon, I wanted to bake something quick and made banana muffins. I had earlier made these muffins with wheat flour and oil (instead of butter) which had turned out tasty, but were less fluffy. Thus, time I had decided to make these muffins .....[Read More]
‘ABC’ reminds me of my nursery school days. ‘A’ for Apple, ‘B’ for Banana and ‘C’ for Carrot. When I read about this recipe in an old ‘anonymous’ recipe book (as I just had some bound xerox copy), I immediately wanted to try .....[Read More]