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Wish you all A Very Happy Valentine ’s Day! Let us celebrate this day of love, joy and happiness! Here are some ‘Valentine’ dishes to inspire you. Hope you find inspiration among this array of dishes, to cook for your Valentine! Here are .....[Read More]
One of my favorite vegetable is cauliflower. Alas, the winter season is receding. Cauliflowers are found in abundance in the market during the winters – large and fresh ones. I often use this vegetable in the winters make the simple cauliflower stir .....[Read More]
When we were teenagers, my kid brother was in primary school. Being the youngest in our family, we all pampered him a lot (and still continue to dote on him) For mothers, usually in most cases, the food they cook is an extension of their love for their .....[Read More]
    Many years ago, rewinding 25 years back, when I was a teenager, I remember, visiting my grandfather’s place in Jamshedpur. My youngest and most loved aunt, Padmini Atta, enthusiastically, exclaimed that she would make 'Ghugni’ .....[Read More]
After many years, I finally managed to visit the Dr Francisco Luis Gomes District Library, located in Navelim, my neighbouring town. It was inaugurated on 21 November, 2010 (the next day of my birthday!) by the Government of Goa. Incidentally, I lived .....[Read More]