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Before embarking on the pilgrimage to Tirupati, I had read reviews about the various vegetarian restaurants which abound this holy town. And later, I had a chance to taste some of the sumptuous breakfast dishes. Minerva Coffee Shop was on my list. Located .....[Read More]
Cajoling with ragi: As a child, my mother tried to feed us the 'healthy cereal -ragi’. As millets are highly nutritious. She made us ragi porridge, in the summers to beat the heat, by boiling ragi powder in some water, cooling it, then adding buttermilk .....[Read More]
Hmm! Pulihora!Why tamarind rice (andhra style pulihora) is good for you? As you read through, the secret will be revealed.Nostalgic memories waft past, as soon as I witness the sight and aroma of this tangy traditional South Indian Andhra dish, pulihora .....[Read More]
  The authentic idlySome of the contents of the kit. The traditional way the idly is cooked by temple priests.Every year I receive gifts for Diwali. However this year I decided to gift myself for Diwali. And for sure, my choice was right. This gift .....[Read More]
We celebrated a wonderful Diwali over the weekend with family, prayers, good food, cheer and by lighting lots of 'diya's (lamps) ! On the day of Diwali, every Hindu household in Goa, celebrates Diwali by making dishes of ‘fov’ (poha, flattended .....[Read More]
  Sri Joydip has explained the essence of Navaratri is a lucid manner as:   ‘According to legend, Goddess Durga, sat on the tip of a needle for nine days, doing severe penance to destroy the evil Mahishasura. On the first three days, .....[Read More]
  Filled with protein and the richness of vegetables, this salad can be had for breakfast, as a side dish or as an evening snack, too. Though a simple salad, it is very tasty and nutritious! The best part is, it can be whipped within a few minutes .....[Read More]