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  Many years back, my sister in-law, Lakshmi had given me some recipes for a variety of cakes. She took special care to make copies of these recipes and ensured that she gave it to me before I embarked on the train from Hyderabad to Goa. I treasured .....[Read More]
When I approached Tanya to write a guest post for my blog, she immediately and graciously agreed to do so. I am glad to share her recipe for Delicious Cinnamon rolls from scratch. I always wanted to make cinnamon rolls as cinnamon is one of my favorite .....[Read More]
Whew! Last Friday I visited the famous Crawford market in Mumbai and am overwhelmed at the range of products sold there at economical prices! Mind boggling, indeed. Since many years I wanted to visit this market along with my dear friend Saumy, but .....[Read More]
The festive season is ongoing, and it’s time for fun, cheer and sweet treats to savor, thus I baked some cookies. As a child I used to wonder how delicious cookies were made. And now am trying to solve this mystery by baking some cookies. During .....[Read More]
Christmas, is around the corner! December is my favorite month as this time of the year, is always  pleasant – the climate is cool, the kids have holidays, the pace of life seems to slow down and everybody around seem to be more loving, grateful and .....[Read More]
6/‪#‎52cookbookpact Since the time I bought the recipe book, ‘Make, bake, cupcake – the recipe book’, last year, I had meant to try out the recipes of these cupcakes. My sister, Parimala, had rightly commented that the pictures in the .....[Read More]