My Diwali gift – DIY Kanchipuram idly kit

Every year I receive gifts for Diwali. However this year I decided to gift myself for Diwali. And for sure, my choice was right. This gift has given me immense joy and satisfaction! The gift I ordered for myself was: the DIY Kanchipuram idly kit hamper, put together by Rakesh Raghunathan of Puliyogare Travels. DIY – do it yourself. This is a unique concept of Curated food gifting and I am glad that I came across it. All the items and ingredients in this kit have been sourced from local vendors. Rakesh was very considerate right from the time I…

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Potato Rawa fry (Batata kapa)

When we were teenagers, my kid brother was in primary school. Being the youngest in our family, we all pampered him a lot (and still continue to dote on him) For mothers, usually in most cases, the food they cook is an extension of their love for their children. Especially when the kids are fussy, mother’s go an extra length to prepare tasty dishes, in anticipation that their children will like it. Which is what my mother used to do for my kid brother as he was fussy about eating only certain dishes (and now I do so, as my…

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The festive ‘poha’ dish: Attkulu pulihora

We celebrated a wonderful Diwali over the weekend with family, prayers, good food, cheer and by lighting lots of ‘diya’s (lamps) ! On the day of Diwali, every Hindu household in Goa, celebrates Diwali by making dishes of ‘fov’ (poha, flattended or beaten rice) in the morning. Some of these varied dishes which are prepared in the Konkan household’s with ‘fov’ are: Tikhat fov – crunchy kiln roasted and spice fov with ginger and jaggery. Kalayela fov – Poha mixed with chunn (mixture of grated coconut and jaggery) which tastes yum! Batata fov – mildly spiced and tempered poha with…

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The ‘simple’ bottlegourd sweet dish: Dudhi halwa

The festive air is around as Diwali is round the corner. Many festive sales are on, trying to lure the customers to buy clothes, groceries, jewellery, electronics, furniture, homes, lamps, diyas, candles, savouries, sweets etc, for this major festival. And the markets are abuzz with festive shoppers…. Here I come with a simple sweet dish, trying to lure you into making this delicious treat for Diwali. Dudhi (bottlegourd) halwa is a popular Northern Indian traditional dish prepared usually during the festival period and is offered as prasad (holy offereing to the deities) too. Initially I was reluctant to make this…

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The healthy chutney: Onion chutney (Ulli pacchadi)

During my childhood days, I remember my mother had prepared onion chutney to go along with dosa’s. As we were kids and were used to the routine few chutney’s, we did not like this chutney or rather we did not want to change our perception for this new chutney which had a different taste. Thus, my mother never made this chutney again for us. After marriage, like my mother, my mother in law, too dislikes dishes which have raw onion or even cooked onion. Except for onion pakoras, both them, whom I consider ‘culinary experts’ refrain from even touching the…

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